Brain Food: Riddle #2

March 29, 2009

Imagine that you have a plastic water bottle. It’s not filled all the way, but you think that it’s filled exactly halfway. Now here’s the question: how can you know if the water bottle is filled exactly halfway through? You can’t use any instruments like a ruler to measure and you also can’t open the cap.

Answer will be posted tomorrow.


Miracle Berry

March 28, 2009

“Miracle Fruits (sometimes called Miracle Berries) have been a secret wonder of the world for centuries. Though they were first documented by a French dude in 1725, they’d been consumed for many generations prior. They were eaten before meals to make the meals taste better.”

The miracle berry can be bought online. To tell you the truth, I’ve wanted to get some ever since I saw them on Thinkgeek.The only problem is that I don’t know if Aramex will ship it or not. Would they?


March 28, 2009

I was happy yesterday when I got 29 hits. But till this moment I only got 1 hit. I’m really getting frustrated. Is there anything I can do to get more people to visit my blog?

UPDATE: I have 15 hits now. Quite an improvement, don’t you think?

New Header

March 28, 2009

I only know the basics when it comes to Photoshop, but surprisingly, I did well. I know that most of you would say it’s too simple, but to me, it’s my first piece of serious art. Admire this wonderful work of art….

Kudos to me

Assistance Needed

March 27, 2009

I thought about this for a while, and i thought, why not? I want someone to help me with this blog. He’ll be my “blogmate”. It would be my blog and his also. Unfortunately, i can only choose one, that’s why we’re gonna have, TRYOUTS! Anybody who wants this job just leave me a comment that consists of: a small paragraph about anything you’d like to write about. There are several factors that would lead me to pick the best writer, one of them is creativity. Be as creative as possible. I’m not saying be J.K. Rowling creative, because that would turn into fantasy, and i hate fantasy. Last day to submit is tomorrow. Last words: may the best writer win!

I was kind of hungry yesterday and I remembered the steakhouse ad i saw. I went on and gave the king a call and ordered the steakhouse burger. Funny thing is when i gave him my order i told him one smoke house. He was like what? I said the new burger you have. He said, yeaaaaaah, the steakhouse. I said yeah that one. He was a good guy, if this happened with a KFC guy he would be like: ” What are you saying?! We do not hav zis sanwich. Iz zis a prank, GOODBYE!” Next thing you know his manger fires him. Back to the subject, the steakhouse. First thing i saw when i looked inside the bag is that it comes in a paper box similar to the Mcdonalds’ Big Tasty box. And then it’s wrapped in a Whopper paper wrapper. I mean couldn’t you get one with Steakhouse written on it? The burger itself consists of: lettuce, tomatoes, bbq sauce, fried onions (I think, it tasted like fried onion), and a Whopper patty. The only major downside is with the patty itself, it’s supposed to be an Angus beef patty, but instead, they give you a thin Whopper patty. It was a good burger, but it would’ve been better if: it had a thicker patty, like the Angus patty. And the fried onions were too salty, this messes the whole burger real bad. I mean there was saltiness from this and sweetness from the bbq sauce, you’re taste buds would really get lost identifying all the different flavors.

Rating: 3.5/5

You see half of the people in a mall carrying the same mobile phone. What is it with men/women with mobiles? Do they not know of any other gadget (excluding iPods)? The fact is that most people buy the newest mobile just so that people can see him/her carrying the newest mobile. I mean women, for a certain time period, were buying Nokia Communicators. The questions is: why? Would you believe me if i said that most of them are businesswomen? I for one, wouldn’t. Do they even know one of the features in that phone that only exists in that phone? No. Then why? Just to be with the latest trend. People waste at least 100 KD per month (or two, depending on how desperate he/she is to be with the trend) on a new mobile. Then Kuwaiti’s say: “WE DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR LOANS!” You could pay for your loans if you weren’t wasting your money on mobiles and vacations in Europe! Now let’s get back to mobiles. In July 2008 the Nokia E71 got released in Kuwait. It was directed at people who have jobs. It had certain features that made peoples’ jobs easier. So the businessmen got it. But they weren’t the only ones. A wave of people and, i’m not lying, elementary and middle school students got it. Why? I think you know the answer by now. Let’s move on to the second mobile. In January 2009, swarms of people (not honeybees) bought one of the three (there may be more) available models of the Blackberry. Reason: so that they can use this BBM service to chat with their friends while they’re at work or school. Oh, and the best part with this sevice is that it’s free, which means that they can waste 99% of their time at work chatting, and using the 1% percent to drink tea. To conclude this post, i’d just like to say, a 30-40 KD phone has the features that you use on your 130-200 KD phone, so why not invest the money in something useful? Kudos to whoever doesn’t have a Nokia e71 nor a Blackberry (except if you’re a businessman 🙂 )

Brain Food: Riddles

March 23, 2009

Ahmad stared at the dirty window on the 28th floor of the office building he works at, depressed. So he slid the window open and jumped through it. He touched the ground after he jumped, and miraculously, he was completely unhurt. How could he have survived such a fall?

Answer will be posted tomorrow at 9 pm, inshallah.

Kudos to whoever solves this riddle.

Answer (as promised): Ahmad got so sick of cleaning windows, so he opened the window and  jumped inside.

TIK: This is ?

March 22, 2009

Imagine yourself sitting in a sandy forest. Everywhere you look at you see big, colorful trees and all kinds of creatures.  Many baby creatures you see look like mini Michelin men, not to mention the “monkeys” that are always following them. You see banana trees everywhere (where else would the baby creatures get their food from?) Then you see those humongous trees. You watch one of those trees for a second and you watch loads of creatures entering them. You enter that tree, and to your surprise, you see the creatures circling the tree! Some of the creatures have crazy looking hair, while others look like they have some kind of a rectangular ball on their heads.  What are they doing here, you’re thinking? After several hours of watching them, you decide to leave. You head to the river to quench your thirst, afterall, water is what’s keeping you alive and keeping the forest in peace and order. After arriving to the river, you open your mouth in shock you notice that the water is gone, not again you think. What should I do you think? Aha! You “think” you should go and see the “10 creatures” that are “fixing” the forest. On your way there, the king of the forest states that the 10 creature need to be changed. Now open your eyes, this is Kuwait.


March 21, 2009

Merriam-Webster’s definition of kudos:

 1. fame and renown resulting from an act or achievement

 2. praise given for achievement

Urban Dictionary’s definition of kudos:

To gain kudos is to earn respect and recognition.


My definition of kudos:

A word that makes you feel you’ve invented the best thing since sliced bread.

Pronunciation: \ˈkü-ˌdäs, ˈkyü-, –ˌdōs\

Function: to praise

Date: 2009