TIK: This is ?

March 22, 2009

Imagine yourself sitting in a sandy forest. Everywhere you look at you see big, colorful trees and all kinds of creatures.  Many baby creatures you see look like mini Michelin men, not to mention the “monkeys” that are always following them. You see banana trees everywhere (where else would the baby creatures get their food from?) Then you see those humongous trees. You watch one of those trees for a second and you watch loads of creatures entering them. You enter that tree, and to your surprise, you see the creatures circling the tree! Some of the creatures have crazy looking hair, while others look like they have some kind of a rectangular ball on their heads.  What are they doing here, you’re thinking? After several hours of watching them, you decide to leave. You head to the river to quench your thirst, afterall, water is what’s keeping you alive and keeping the forest in peace and order. After arriving to the river, you open your mouth in shock you notice that the water is gone, not again you think. What should I do you think? Aha! You “think” you should go and see the “10 creatures” that are “fixing” the forest. On your way there, the king of the forest states that the 10 creature need to be changed. Now open your eyes, this is Kuwait.


One Response to “TIK: This is ?”

  1. Zorbon said

    Not my kind of writing, but “Kudos” to you..

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