You know you’re in Kuwait when….

March 26, 2009

You see half of the people in a mall carrying the same mobile phone. What is it with men/women with mobiles? Do they not know of any other gadget (excluding iPods)? The fact is that most people buy the newest mobile just so that people can see him/her carrying the newest mobile. I mean women, for a certain time period, were buying Nokia Communicators. The questions is: why? Would you believe me if i said that most of them are businesswomen? I for one, wouldn’t. Do they even know one of the features in that phone that only exists in that phone? No. Then why? Just to be with the latest trend. People waste at least 100 KD per month (or two, depending on how desperate he/she is to be with the trend) on a new mobile. Then Kuwaiti’s say: “WE DON’T WANT TO PAY FOR LOANS!” You could pay for your loans if you weren’t wasting your money on mobiles and vacations in Europe! Now let’s get back to mobiles. In July 2008 the Nokia E71 got released in Kuwait. It was directed at people who have jobs. It had certain features that made peoples’ jobs easier. So the businessmen got it. But they weren’t the only ones. A wave of people and, i’m not lying, elementary and middle school students got it. Why? I think you know the answer by now. Let’s move on to the second mobile. In January 2009, swarms of people (not honeybees) bought one of the three (there may be more) available models of the Blackberry. Reason: so that they can use this BBM service to chat with their friends while they’re at work or school. Oh, and the best part with this sevice is that it’s free, which means that they can waste 99% of their time at work chatting, and using the 1% percent to drink tea. To conclude this post, i’d just like to say, a 30-40 KD phone has the features that you use on your 130-200 KD phone, so why not invest the money in something useful? Kudos to whoever doesn’t have a Nokia e71 nor a Blackberry (except if you’re a businessman 🙂 )


2 Responses to “You know you’re in Kuwait when….”

  1. Frankom said

    im still using E71 and i love it and if something happened to it i would buy another one, simple.

    • kudostok said

      I know that it’s a good phone, but what i mean is that 10 year olds are using it. Why? La2anaha habba. Methel maa ga3d e9eer ma3a il Blackberry al7eyn.

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