Review: Burger King Steakhouse

March 27, 2009

I was kind of hungry yesterday and I remembered the steakhouse ad i saw. I went on and gave the king a call and ordered the steakhouse burger. Funny thing is when i gave him my order i told him one smoke house. He was like what? I said the new burger you have. He said, yeaaaaaah, the steakhouse. I said yeah that one. He was a good guy, if this happened with a KFC guy he would be like: ” What are you saying?! We do not hav zis sanwich. Iz zis a prank, GOODBYE!” Next thing you know his manger fires him. Back to the subject, the steakhouse. First thing i saw when i looked inside the bag is that it comes in a paper box similar to the Mcdonalds’ Big Tasty box. And then it’s wrapped in a Whopper paper wrapper. I mean couldn’t you get one with Steakhouse written on it? The burger itself consists of: lettuce, tomatoes, bbq sauce, fried onions (I think, it tasted like fried onion), and a Whopper patty. The only major downside is with the patty itself, it’s supposed to be an Angus beef patty, but instead, they give you a thin Whopper patty. It was a good burger, but it would’ve been better if: it had a thicker patty, like the Angus patty. And the fried onions were too salty, this messes the whole burger real bad. I mean there was saltiness from this and sweetness from the bbq sauce, you’re taste buds would really get lost identifying all the different flavors.

Rating: 3.5/5


2 Responses to “Review: Burger King Steakhouse”

  1. "G" said

    i think it has too much mayo … but it was alright…

  2. kudostok said

    I love mayo! Especially in the McChicken spicy. But i really hated the fried onions, too salty for my taste.

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